cool shoes that look good.
it is so popular right now! instyle(:
person: ooh what shoes are those?
me: vans(:
person: they look SO cool. i want one!
where did you get it. *puppy eyes*
me: *smiles and walks away* :D
by iamAWESOME(: August 19, 2006
1. Noun. A hypothetical place that entails sexual activity, often repeated to your friends the next day.
2. Verb. Sexual activity, often repeated to your friends the next day.
3. Question. The questioning of one's sexual activity the previous night. Only one word necessary. Works well with text messaging.
4. Prefix. The begining of any word that you would want to associate with sexual activity.
1. Yo man, I took her to the VAN last night!
2. Dude, we VANned like Cubans last night!
3. Bro #1: VAN? Bro #2: VAN!
4. This fall, when we go to all those weddings, its going to be a great VANtember and VANtober!
by Not TOD July 14, 2006
Serial killer/rapists/love drunk teen's dream-it's a moving room with no windows(:
*Guy pulls up in his van tricked out to be the Mystery Machine*

Creeper: "You little boys want some candy!"

*Kids run screaming "STRANGER DANGER!"*
by HRSHUVNSTUFF February 09, 2010
were decent, until people started wearing them with hollister.
"dude, vans are off the chain"
preppy bitches who think they are cool now walk by.
"oh, not anymore"
by soniaissocoollike October 16, 2009
vans are the ultimate skateing shoes people who have the slip on vans are wanna-be skaters and some vans are really ugly and some look awesome
me: dude i just got a pair of slip on checker designed vans
friend:your not a skater your a poser!!!!
by *gloria* April 22, 2008
He is the most coolest person ever! He is so awesome and boss. When people mention the word 'VAN' it remind them of someone who is so septic and unique with his words. Van is a LIVING LEGEND and the best wrestler. EVEN BETTER than the RKO!!!!! Who ever reads this, you are blessed your whole life. Take your time and worship VAN. Did I mention he is HANDSOMe!!!!
Wow he is a Van
by Hhssssoowaoaa June 06, 2015
Vans are the coolest mother fuckers ever to walk the face of this planet. Vans are cool, smart, and funny as hell. Vans are strong, sexy, and hansom as the devil. Vans are jacks of all trades (Meaning that they are good at everything but masters of nothing). They are also incredible athletes. They can play any sport and they normally make it into the pros. Vans are also very good, reliable friends and they always have your back. Vans are also clutch masters and normally do amazing things without trying. They also seen to always have a fascination with destruction or explosions. Vans can be cocky but are always humble in the end. They love music. Vans never stop cracking jokes. No matter the situation, you can count on them to lighten the mood. Vans are legends, but don’t mistake them for being myths because they are 100% legit.
Vans are too legit to quit.
Vans are the bomb digity.
by AllTheSingladies March 28, 2016
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