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a beautiful, sexy, intelligent woman. Who reaches all of her goals cause she is very brilliant.
by think about it!!! August 06, 2003
A very cute, pretty girl. Someone who cares a lot about her bestfriends. A very down to earth girl, who hates drama or be involved in drama. Guys like her a lot because of her very sweet smile. A girl who loves music too & can be crazy & very weird sometimes.
Person: Hey nice to meet you.
Vania: HI! Nice to meet you too((:
by austiniscoolerthanyou August 18, 2011
A woman who is so fine, sexy, hot, intelligent, beautiful, and gorgeous that you can't get your eyes off of her, and will make you feel good all day.
by she's so fine August 27, 2008
Hispanic/Mexican, very pretty and smart, although she doesn't think she is.
she loves boys but mostly her best friends, she loves to party and go to clubs. her favorite hobby is making out and getting laid. shes always texting and flirting with random guys and doesn't care what anyone things of her. At times she can get really gay.
she's very caring and honest, she doesn't like to talk about her issues. she has a lot of haters but she will always have her lil group of friends that will back her up through anything and everything even when its her fault.
Amanda: heyy how are you?
Vania: Can i touch your boobs?
Amanda: WTF you must be a vania?
Vania: is that a yes? (grabs both boobs)
by zombiezombie August 31, 2010
A person who is overly emotional, overly dramatic, self proclaimed victim, exadurative, with a tad bit of crazyness all rolled up into one *Without known cause or warning

Expresses extreme sporadic and questionable behavior that may include but not limited to; emotional outbursts, sudden crying, extreme pain, unexpected bitchiness and most commonly band wagon hopping (ex: sudden change of friends, likes, dislikes and/or boyfriends or lovers)
Ex: I don't understand why you keep making excuses (insert random name) this is the third time this week you cancelled on us, why are you being a VANIA?!
by Lalalaborat May 16, 2013
Dirty Bulgarian whore who plays with toy cars and enjoys a bit of Sam Mchattie
"Look at that bulgarian whore who plays with toy cars and sam mchattie"
"Shes a Vania!"
by damandem December 15, 2011
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