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A person from Viking Heritage...or close enough to the Vikings to have been raped by them. Usually applies to someone, stubborn,. strong, and very good in bed.
Van Buskirk....fuck VB, stop being great at everything
by Andrew, Van Buskirk July 15, 2008
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One who Usually enjoys Console Games more than Computer Games. In other words a narrow idiot.
Joey Van Buskirk, perhaps you should stop playing Chrystal Cronicles. "Nah, Play now, Sleep Later."
by Courtney Oliver February 17, 2004
strawberry blonde whore who likes large penis's("maximilians") and vagina's("anderson's")...has a tendency to pee in the shower
That vanbuskirk was on that max anderson slurpee like white on rice!
by theballs August 22, 2007

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