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The Vampire Trend 2009 marks the year when mainstream media became supersaturated with vampire themed crap. Some of it isn't that bad, but most of it is. If you are so lucky to visit the year 2009, and you were from a different time you'd constantly hear people talking about "Twilight" or "True Blood" or the Vampire Diaries.

If you're suffering from being vamp'd by this trend, seek shelter immediately. Burn all your vampire related items, because as we all know; when the main shit stream gets oversaturated with one thing, it kills it.

You look at "pop culture" history and see it's true, too much of anything ruins it for everyone. All those going against the tide of this vampire craze, hold on for the next twelve months: because it'll implode on itself, eventually. Patience is key, you're doing your part.

For those of you caught in between being a part-time vampire and hating this fad, stay indoors - please, you'll be peer pressured into seeing some vampire stuff, and if you're of weak will you'll become one of them...
Girlie 1: Oh my God TWILIGHT the game.

Asshole (in this case normal person): I heard Edward Cullen dies in the new book.

Girlie 1: What?

Asshole (in this case normal person): Yeah it leaked on the innernette, he dies on page 256.


Then you walk away because 15 will get you 20...

Guy 1: What the hell is up with this twilight?

Guy 2: Fucking Vampire Trend 2009...

Guy 1: I mean, is it good?

Guy 2: What the fuck you say? Get out of here. Go!
by Jimblor October 08, 2009
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