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a dirty mexican
Suze: hey malcum your such a vallis
Malcum: shut up suze i'm not dirty im just a mexican
by teebags☼ July 21, 2009
Vallis is the Dirty Mexican Lover,
its appearance, small and insignificant; it is quite the contrary to its might. It will have the power of several fat hairy men when it comes to making love, however this is an irregular occurrence; for the Vallis will only mate with a being of less strength and with the surname of a food type, this is to feed its psychological hunger and to keep its dominatrix appeal. The alleged food type can vary from meats, veg, nuts and fruit, from Beef to Carrot to Pine to Cherry, anything will do for the kinky beast. Upon the mating the Vallis will remain the dominatrix, much to the fruitlabelled-mates delight.
Hello Vallis, my name is Reginald Berry

Com' 'Ere

by Reginald Mole Husband IIII January 05, 2014
What you call a boy who can not do anything without his mumma's help and who thinks he's really good at European Handball but actually sucks like shit
When a girl rejects you, she would usually say," You're such a (John)Vallis!"
by HERHEHE August 24, 2003

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