A resident of the Midland Valley area of SC, characterized by low class and even lower education. Women have buck teeth the size of rabbits and men have mullets. Generally god-fearing, rugged, individualistic freedom-loving idiots who shun loose women that turn them down. They believe federal aid to anyone but themselves is creeping socialism. Generally have an unattractive appearance, but once they open their mouths, its completely obvious if they are or not.
Yeah, he's such a valley rat. He's probably had that mullet since 1987
by bluffington December 14, 2010
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Devan Guenther, Rial Gibbons, Rhett Gibbons, Zack Baillie

valley mice: Darian Knutson, Cole Washburn, Talie Lapierre, Zach Mischook

slimy nocturnal creatures that leave the library at night to hangout in a sausage fest looking for little girls to creep on and hopefully sleep with.

Damn you stupid valley rats! Get a life!
by Lynn Valley May 18, 2011
n.--someone who grew up in Valley Springs, and has the appearance and smell of a greaseball. They are raised to eat deer, drink beer, and love NASCAR. The Valley Rat species has dug a tunnel system that stretches a total of 300 miles. One Yankton kid was even seen getting sucked into their hole from the baseball field--this is the only recorded death caused by a Valley Rat.
If your friend doesn't wash his hair for 4 days, only talks about cars, and dresses in 80s rockband shirts; then he's probably a Valley Rat.
by Jeff Bly March 03, 2011
Adjective or Noun.
Someone who resides in Lynn Valley, North Vancouver. Gets into mischief. Usually involves intoxication or other substances that should not be used by those under the age of majority. Wandering through the streets late at night in the community ignorant to the fact there are raccoons and black bears following you is a plus.
"Isn't Ted such a Valley Rat drinking through rain sleet and snow outside when there are black bears around. Let us go Valley Rat it up with him."

"Dude, don't mess with him; he's a Valley Rat."
by Cdn-Celt November 17, 2008
The Valley Rat's are a small group of about 16 Free Skiers and snow borders, who grew up or worked at Snow Valley. A small ski resort in Southern California. The Valley Rats that I know, are down to earth, life loving, giving creatures. Who get back together once in a blue moon, to rejoice in the love for extreme sports.
((Lynn Valley author of the first definition of Valley Rats, this is to you!) Speaking in the name of Valley Rats. You remind me of cancer, you think only for your self. At the expense of those around you. Please think positive, for the human race needs to bring things back in to harmony. We have a better chance now than ever!)
by Eric Newlin September 10, 2012
Native Hispanic residents of the Texas Rio Grande Valley (Harlingen, Brownsville, McAllen) of presumed low socio-economic and educational status.
George Bush: Who are we going to get to build that wall for us.

Emily: We can hire those damn Valley Rats that are waiting in the Race Track parking lot. You can just pay them cash and not worry about taxes.
by Macho Business Donkey Wrestler September 24, 2006

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