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n. The resulting appearance of an obese woman's inner thighs when she is wearing a skirt and sitting.
Oh my god did you see her vagthighna when she sat down? It's like her actual vag lives in a gated community.
by The Dirty Ruskie February 01, 2011
n - A vagina like image that is formed from fat thighs
Sam: Damn! Her vag is showing!

Mark: Nah bro, thats a vagthighna
by Markymark234 February 01, 2011
When a woman is wearing a skirt and her thighs come together to form the appearance of a vagina. Often, but not always, caused by excess thigh fat.
I thought I was looking at a sweet upskirt picture of Olivia Wilde but it turned out to just be a vagthighna.
by t45 February 01, 2011

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