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Noun: a carrier of such traits as a total fucking tease, sex noob, or general lack of sexual knowledge
e.g. "Dude, Maya is a vagoober, don't even go there"

Adjective: unclean, torn up, used or otherwise less than average ladyparts.
e.g. "dude, her snootch is vagoobers"

Verb: sucking in bed, to engage in the act of being a tease, sexual misconduction.
e.g. "nah man, she fucking vagoobered me"
He is vagoobers girl, little dick, big ego.
#vagina #tease #pussy #goober #twat waffle #vagewber #vagoobah
by The Colorado Panda June 27, 2011
A synonym for a vagina, or used as slang or in the hood you'll hear the squad roll up calling you a vagoober.
"Dude that chics got a tight ass Vagoober "
"I'll holla at that"
by VagooberPolice December 25, 2015
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