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a derogatory term used to describe a female with a bad idea.
"She had the vaginious idea that inviting her mother to join us camping would make it more fun"
by Pixelboy May 28, 2009
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1 : A man or woman who's an expert on cunnilingus or vaginas in general
Ted is a friggin' vaginious! I heard that his wife sheryll came 43 times the other night and he did it all with his pinky knuckle!!! Brought to you by the letter James.
by The letter: James August 28, 2016
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A man, woman or otherwise, that is an expert or aficionado, at cunnilingus.
I heard Ted made Sheryl cum 37 times the other night! Hes a friggin' vaginious!!! (Brought to you by The letter: James)
by The letter: James August 28, 2016
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