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A girl with firecrotch
Hey. Im a vaginger.
by Eric O April 14, 2008
The sweet spicy fragrance that emanates from a womans loins in rare but pleasant moments. This smell is not to be confused with other unpleasant odors that might emanate from the vag.
Guy 1: What's that sweet smell?
Guy 2: I just did Sheryl on your desk. That's her vaginger.
Guy 1: I'd be pissed, but that vaginger smells so good that I'm ok with it.
by guysmiley April 15, 2008
The rare but intoxicating smell emanating from a women's loins.
I was sitting in my chair when that tall girl sheryl walked up to me. I don't know what she's been eating but I got the sweetest whiff of vaginger and it made my day.
by guysmiley April 15, 2008
Two or more fingers that touch the vagina or vaginal area and goes unwashed prior to touching someone or something.
She left the bathroom without washing her hands and she touched the door with her vagingers.
by Rahkie Mateen November 19, 2010
A man who's "downstairs" is a firey pit, with a scetchy fro placed ontop his head, and no sence of time management.
That no-good egotistical clepto is SUCH a vaginger.
by Squeedeblush August 10, 2007

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