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-a sweet korean girl

-the kindest person you'd ever meet
-very patient, but if you get her mad, it aint gonna be pretty
-very thoughtful of others
-always acting independent, but deep down, she's a little insecure
-makes a great girlfriend and mother
-WOW that girl is a total JISU!
-i wish i was like jisu!
by whowouldcarewhoiamidowhatido August 18, 2011
an awsome korean name which means sexy, cute and have an awsome body
they are usually tall and usually slow
they tend to marry hot looking guys but they're stupid inside.

jisu is usually good friends with jessicas' and helens'
That girl is totally JISU!
by aveenobaby March 02, 2009
a unisex name meaning something along the lines of "spouting wisdom" or "large river of wisdom," depending on the variant.
Guys, don't assume that "Jisu" is a girls' name only; it can be used for guys, too.

Hi, my name is Jisu.

How are you, Jisu?
by based on the entry guessmyname September 26, 2013
the real jesus, sorry to dissapoint all you jesus worshipers, but your'e following the wrong person. Jesus was just spelt wrong purposely by people who didn't know who he was.
Jisus came on a donkey too, but no one heard about that!
by Gebus May 27, 2004

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