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Generation of spillage resulting from overexcitement.
Todd is suffering from radical daytime nocturnal emissions. Every time his favorite gay singer, Justin Timberlake, appears on TV, Todd's mom gets blown into the air by the massive flow of fluids out of Todd's hose. Todd's gynecologist, who had thought his reaction to the gayness of Timberlake was 'cute' and resembled the singer's female fans reactions, tragically died following an outburst of accumulated vagination on one of Todd's regular monthly checkups.

"I'm so excited I can hardly contain myself! Woops - I think i just vaginated :O "
by nutty walrus January 06, 2007
1 10
(slang) n. (Va-jin-a-shun)

1. A large gathering of attractive, scantily clad females in a public place.

2. Every female member of the population of a given nation.

3. The opposite of a sausage party/sausage fest.
"My wolf pack and I were hanging at Liam's last night, and all of a sudden, the entire vagination showed up."
by THE Double D January 13, 2010
20 11
The process of becoming a bitch, metaphorical transformation to a vagina;
becoming a bitch, bitching out of being a man.
"Coach, he can't return to the game. The Vagination began shortly after the injury."
by sillyweregermanjenkins April 16, 2012
3 1
The action or process of forming ideas and concepts used to get a female into bed.
Hooking up with that hot girl last night required a lot of vagination.
by JoeyJoJoe July 24, 2008
8 9
The act of imagining what a females Vag looks like.
Guy 1: I bet the new girl in the office has the freshest, tightest Vag.

Guy 2: You have an over active Vagination, I saw it last night and it's terrible.
by Snizzmaster March 06, 2013
1 4
When a baby is born and pops out of his mums pussy he/she goes through vagination
The baby was covered in seedy fluids after vagination was complete
by Jaybles117 May 07, 2009
4 10
-thinking about a female who is not the one you are currently performing fornication unto.

-one must veer thoughts to another more desirable dirty cunts snatch as the one your in is a used up fuck bag.so in order to bust a nut one shall resort to this mental state.
joe:damn, this bitches body is smoking hot but that face was bashed a few times by the ugly stick.
max:no matter bro just use your vagination and it can be any girl you want.
by cunning linguist ps November 03, 2004
18 25
The action of spilling lotion.
Today I was helping my sister put on lotion, but in the end all I ended up doing was vaginating all over her. Total vagination
by laquack October 25, 2010
3 11