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VSN or vaginal super net is what womens super natural powers they have not yet tapped into. there are many theories around this subject, but many people are not sure which one to believe

1.A giant net shoots from the (vagina) or the "china" of the
women, trapping the poor bastard in the way.

2.A Fireball of sorts shoots out of the (vagina) or "china" of the women toasting the poor SoB in the way. of systems run telepathically through all women can talk to each other through the vagina.


5......super sayin vagina.

if you know of any others please let me know, if you know who i am or what i am MUAHAHAHAHA
hey OMG! look at that! * massive fire balls shooting from women everywhere.*...vaginal super net.
jesus! did you see that GIRLS VAGINAL SUPER NET!
by `D.E.` August 05, 2007
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