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A vagina shark is a very horny male who is always on the hunt for vagina!! This animal is characterized by its constant roaming eye and insatiable thirst for all things vagina. There is nothing that will stop this horny male from getting his fill of vagina.
Junior Is the biggest vagina shark I know!

I am so sick of the club scene, there is never any decent men just a bunch of vagina sharks swimming around!

Just last week, this vagina shark tried to hit on my woman!
by Sweetteabone December 27, 2013
When a Guy goes underneath the water and snags the bikinis of girls, leaving there vagina exposed.
Mike is a vagina shark because he went under the water and snagged Marissa's bikini off her body.
by Mr.Supreme💯💪🌹 February 13, 2015
A vagina shark is a lesbian. The logic behind this definition is that like sharks lesbians eat eachother, and if a man comes around they will bit him.
Theres no point in trying to get with her joe, shes a vagina shark.
by Matt Corbett October 07, 2006
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