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When you've been scratching your vagina and you have vaginal juice on your hands....
When you are scrapbooking and your friend is diggin through your paper and you tell her not to get her JIZZ fingers all over your papers, she lifts her hand and says that's not my VAGINA HAND THIS IS MY VAGINA HAND!!!!! (fingers are pressed together in a manner of masterbation)
by abcbffs4life December 18, 2009
The term used for someone's hand who presents a weak handshake. Derived from the soft mushy feeling you are left with after the handshake has occured.
I had a really good feeling about the interview until I discovered the recruiter had vagina hands when I left her office.
by Gary the Happy Pirate May 23, 2007
1. Hands that get cold way too easily
2. A depiction of a vagina using two pairs of hands
Michael bitches all the time because his vagina hands are freezing
by handrew December 17, 2008