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Possibly the greatest of all Family Guy quotes. 'Nuff said.
Red(Cleveland)-"It was months before he said two words to anyone"
Andy(Peter)-"Vagina boob."
by fatginger November 12, 2010
The inexplicable nasty taste in your mouth after a night out getting wankered.
-Mate, you were fucked last night, how ya feeling? -Rough man, I really need to brush my teeth; I'm tasting major vaginaboob.
by Hallzy January 23, 2011
1.The only 2 words red said to randy in the first months of prison.

2. Possibly the greatest combination of two words. ever.

3. A defensive phrase used to escape an awkward situation.
Guy 1: Why don't you ever say anything in class?
Guy 2: Vagina boob. (walks away)

Girl 1:Are you a lesbo?
Girl 2: um... Vagina Boob!
by kkdude2014 March 11, 2012
Vagina boobs are located at the base of the vagina. They are normally about a B in size, extremely soft, and perfectly perky. If you happen to find the rare vagina boob you are indeed a lucky person.
That girls has vagina boobs!

Those vagina boobs are so cool! I wish I could find some.
by Questionable Q's December 06, 2011
The phenomenon of such a thick and large cameltoe it appears as if they have boobs between their legs.
P1: Stacy has the biggest cameltoe.

P2: Dude. Thats a vaginaboob bro.
by stapler123 September 30, 2009
A universal word, can be used for anything but mostly to refer to genitalia.
Mac neeeds to tie his vaginaboob

Nolan has a floppy vaginaboob

Brandon is cooler then a vaginaboob ( see rawdog)
by mommsteezy February 18, 2010
when old female's with herpes vagina's start to sag and they're herpes breaks out on those sags making them look like tiny deformed boobs.

slang definition:
fag, queer; a person that gets on your nerves.
Man that old prostitute has some major vaginaboobs.

slang example:
(playing basketball)
You vaginaboob! why would you try to make that shot
by egacvaeel January 18, 2010
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