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Vadgindotter College is an accredited university in Northern Pennsylvania founded in 1876. The college was started by the Church of Hungry Amishmen as a place where students could grow intellectually in an environment that would allow them to pursue carpentry simultaneously. Today, with 1,969 students, Vadgindotter and its sibling school, Dickinson, are well-respected names in the educational circuit catering to only the best of the best. At Vadgindotter, we have only one saying: "We don't hate you because you're ugly. We hate you because your parents are ugly."

More about Vadgindotter:
Sports: The Fighting Contraceptives move to the Final Four in KY Jelly Competitive Cage Match Fighting! Their mascots, Connor The Condom and MaryAnn The Morning After Pill, won best performance at a half-time show too! GO CONTRACEPTIVES!

Dress Code: This campus is clothing optional. If you choose to wear clothing, you must wear jorts, which must be shorter than finger-tip length, no exceptions. Still, as part of the Code of Honor, "one must rock out with their proverbial cock out at all times as a Vadgindite".

Scholarships: Vadgindotter offers scholarships to strippers, escorts, and other ladies (and gentlemen) of the night. Occasionally hooters girls may receive scholarships, though this is more difficult for them to attain. The Financial Aid Office does accept payments in $1 bills, as they are well aware that this is type of currency students are most often paid in.

Housing: Co-ed housing is offered at Vadgindotter (widely accepted and encouraged). Nudist housing is also available for those who like to let it loose 24/7.

Courses: Vadgindotter offers an astoundingly wide range of courses to choose from. Some popular subjects include Monogamy 101, STDs: The Legends, Chlamydia: Not a Flower, Abstinence: If You Have Sex You Will Get Pregnant And You Will Die, How-to's for Safe Sex, and many more.
Student 1: YES! I got accepted at Vadgindotter!!

Student 2: Aw, man, I got rejected! Where did I go wrong? I mean, we had the same grades...

Student 1: Listen, it's all in the extracurriculars. They clearly appreciated how I spent my time after school at Topless and tutoring students in seduction, and they recognized my talents in pole dancing.
by MaryAnn and Connor April 29, 2008
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