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A temporary lapse in judgment (usually for clothing and accessories, but also artwork, furniture, etc) brought on by being in very different surroundings long enough for the "exotic" to seem normal. After even a few days, death masks, tortoise shell lamps, and turquoise sterling silver inlay mesa concho belts seem "normal," but don't think for a second that they won't stick out like a sore thumb once you're back in Springfield. People suffering Vacation Eye can be seen awkwardly strutting the beaches of Hawaii with a sarong that won't stay on, thinking that they blend in. Often you will not know you have suffered from Vacation Eye until you are back at home and realize your new Babe the Blue Ox toilet paper dispenser does *not* fit into your life.

Sadly, Vacation Eye purchases are frequently thought of as the essential item that represents the vacation itself. As such, Vacation Eye purchases can be extremely expensive (massive German coo-coo clock, silk shantung Chinese tapestry, 7 foot tall combination coat rack/lamp/fountain shaped like a dolphin)

Don't let your temporary change of scenery distort your taste: Just because the locals have it, does not mean you should. You decorated your house in American traditional, so that hand-painted throw pillow of a giant macaw *will* end up in the attic.
People who have Vacation Eye will:
1. Get dread locks or braids while vacationing in Jamaica meaning to keep them in once their vacation is over and they are back in their cubicle surrounded by standard Christian haircuts.

2. Buy a cowboy shirt/boots/buckle with the full intention of wearing it at home in Detroit.

Vacation Eye is a form of buyers remorse but the store is hundreds of miles away.
by WoodenLegHair June 21, 2012
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