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An insanely expensive bird that costs more than most people would pay for a human being. They are loud, messy, and only used as a status symbol. They are often targets of theft, due to their cost and resale value. Many species are endangered and/or smuggled into the United States and should be left wild and free in Central and South America where they belong.
Joey: I asked my mom for a pet macaw but she wouldnt buy me one
Craig: Good, you're mom at least has some sense then. Why would anybody spend fifteen hundred dollars on a pet bird that'll bite your ass when you still have the rent to pay?
by Babadoo September 23, 2007
The art of ma, ma, ma, MACAW-ing in front of someones face while flapping your arms prevuiosly and bobbing the head.
when i saw her in the hallway, i macawed at her.
The art of ma, ma, ma, MACAW ing while bobbing your head and flapping your wings
while doing this physically, try to fly and be like an eagle.
The art of ma, ma, ma,MACAW ing while flapping your winggers and bobbing the head.
Try to be like an eagle flying in the wind.
the art of ma, ma, ma, MACAW ing with your mouth while flapping your wings and bobbing your neck back and fourth.
Trying to be like an eagle flying in the wind.
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