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Very Talented Person (V.T.P.)- is an acronym for Very Important People. A VTP Is a person who is accorded special privileges due to his or her talent and gift to the world.
Rita Levi Montalcini is a VTP, and Leonardo Da Vinci was a VTP too.
by Talent hunter September 30, 2009
Short for "Volim Te Puno" in Croatian language which means "I love you very much".
- VTP :*
by TY33 May 12, 2010
:1 visio transmitted paralysis . to view something so obese, horrific, ugly, disgusting ... etc that it causes a sudden lose of motor skills or split second idleness.

: 2. a cringed or retarded face or body gesturing that is produced uncontrollably by the viewing of something obese, horrific, ugly, disgusting ... etc.

:3 a person or thing that causes said reaction.
1) Dude saw the cottage chunkies in the chicks workout pants and got VTP.

2) When we saw what a syphilis looks like in health class Jackie made this face, i think she had a VTP.

3) The chick land lord in King Pin, is a VTP.
by Danger Mouse 18 October 22, 2010
VTP means "very tiny penis", and is often reffered to when talking about asian men, or people you think may have a small penis. They are often described to as "microscopic" or "like whisps of dust". You don't want to be a vtp, but rather a "BTVTP" or "Bigger than a Very Tiny Penis".
Girl 1: He had a small penis. It was almost microscopic, like a wisp of dust!
Girl 2: He is such a vtp.

More Examples:
And asian. A man with a small penis. A woman. A lifeless person. Did I say an asian? Not a black person.
by 15PeachyWolf March 15, 2009

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