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the initials of Vanessa S Burke. To be the shit, to be fun, to have a great time. The girl that we all want, but think we can't have. Truth is though, if you hang out with her, you'll notice that she's open ,to everything and we all have a chance, but, I'm in line first.

To be gorgeous, but to invision yourself as ugly.
To be blind.
"She's hott"
"I'd so her"
"do you think I have a chance with her"
"she's too good for you"
"well, it's worth a try"
"She thinks she's nasty"
"fuck you serious?"
"shit, another VSB? what the fuck"
by Anonymous April 09, 2003
a group full of stoners that live in the valley who are trying to be a gang and fail completely
"is it a bad idea if I fuck with VSB!?"

"no bro they're just a bunch of pussies"
by VSB May 24, 2016
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