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VPC is used by the "regs" (See "reg" relating to forums) to describe the "Virtupets" Chat board. A chat forum in the popular Neopets virtual pet site.

Hey wanna chat about it on the VPC?

I was on the VPC last night and..

Why is the VPC so empty?
by Animatronic April 25, 2006
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Fully known as Vienna Presbyterian Church, Its the central location for people who spend money they don't have, leadership based entirely on family, and not values, deacons who don't necessarily believe in God, but hey why not? a youthgroup that although attracting members, loses more because of their hypocrisy
Examples: The Youth leadership council, Youth deacons, activities on retreats, lack of community, that GIANT STEEL STRUCTURE next to their main building that they've already admitted they CAN'T AFFORD
by Theycallmesouthern February 09, 2005

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