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a sexy mutha fuckha who dont give a shit bout anything. treats everyone around him with respect and is faithfull especially to his friends.
"aye vippppppessssss"
by tinda December 07, 2003
20 8
whore, skank, bitch, cunt... a combination of all feminine insults
shes such a vipe. did you hear what she did yesterday? such a whore.
by kiddo56 November 04, 2010
20 13
1) verb- to smoke marijuana. Coined by jazz musicians and used by Fats Waller in the song "If You're A Viper".
"my woman don't vipe, but I do. HISSSS!"
by Dirty Jack November 25, 2005
15 8
The most rockin' gang in Peoria Arizona. (Sparks, Stix, Jango, Dozer, Monk, The Face, Glover, Bum, Gnome, and Stitch)
The vipes will fuck your shit up!
by Sparks January 27, 2004
16 10
Loki is also in the vipes and Gnome has been kicked out for being a bitch!
Sorry I forgot you the first time Loki, and fuck you Gnome!
by Sparks April 10, 2004
8 5
the sexiest man in town
by Anonymous October 18, 2003
9 9