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VDT is an abbreviation for Video Display Terminal.
Frontal midline theta rhythm and eyeblinking activity during a
VDT task and a video game
by mehmettekn February 22, 2010
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Valuable drinking time - Valuable time allowed for drinking before heading into town, a party or other so called social gathering. One must pre-drink before going out on a social event due to the copious amounts of alcohol that is determined to be drank whilst out and the expensive prices that go with it...
Girl 1: Hurry up Aleisha, you take forever to get ready! You're wasting VDT!
Girl 2: Fine, fine i'm coming! But only because of how expensive those jagerbombs are in town!
by DK, Donkey Kong. September 05, 2012
Visual Dick Tickle - the sexual stimulation that results from viewing someone you are very attracted to.
That life guard gave me a sweet VDT, I don't think I should get out off the pool yet.
by Power of a Question February 08, 2011

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