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Virtual Display of Affection. Similar to PDA or Public Display of Affection, except this is done on the internet.

A post or series of posts where the user writes about how much they love, miss, can't-live-without a significant other. It is extremely annoying and is usually found on Facebook or Myspace posted by friends. It is most commonly posted by people who are not used to being in relationships and are trying just a bit too hard or by people who are just, in general, pussy-whipped and/or completely bat-shit retarded. Also big with those who are new to getting laid.
Pussy-whipped bitch: OMG! I love Cunty McGee sooo much! Can't wait to see her! She makes me happier than ice-cream cake!

Cunty McGee: LOL! i <3 you so much too! I can't wait to see you!

Pussy-whipped bitch: right after i finish my final i'm rushing home to see youuuuuuu!!!!1!

Cunty McGee: You r soo cute! I can't wait!

PWB: I cant wait either! you maek me so happyyyy!

Friend: FFS you two... stop it! Enough with the goddamn VDA. You're making me sick.
by iamrafsusername April 16, 2010
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Stands for Viewer Discretion Advised

On the internet it's used for posting select, nsfw videos on social networking sites just in case you have that occasion 10 year old relative as a friend on facebook that supposedly doesn't cuss or watch naughty things (bullshit).
This video is hilarious hahahaha VDA
by KoolAib September 17, 2012
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Various Degrees of Accuracy. Obtained from mathematics text book by school boys wishing to initiate their own brand name. Originated from the Snowy Mountains in Australia.
-no example given-
by Hayden January 05, 2004
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