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8 definitions by Hayden

a racist; Specifically to the African American Culture, or any other foreign culture; n.
Tommy is a Bigget because he called tyrone a nigger. Being that tommy is white, and tyrone is black, this makes him a Bigget.
by Hayden March 12, 2005
209 165
Something that is horseshit
that's bullpussy
by Hayden April 19, 2004
23 14
often prononced long and with a slur
hey mrs. viiiiiisssttttiiiiiccccaaaaa
by hayden June 09, 2004
2 1
she is the daughter of hitler: the child that got away, to know if shes the real one look for the outline of a mustache
Ale Vistica!
by hayden June 09, 2004
0 0
an unproclaimed shedevil
o look it's mrs vistica. RUNNNNNNN
by hayden June 09, 2004
2 2
Various Degrees of Accuracy. Obtained from mathematics text book by school boys wishing to initiate their own brand name. Originated from the Snowy Mountains in Australia.
-no example given-
by Hayden January 05, 2004
3 3
see 'Good Fuck'
yo mama is a good fuck
by Hayden November 17, 2003
9 13