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a racist; Specifically to the African American Culture, or any other foreign culture; n.
Tommy is a Bigget because he called tyrone a nigger. Being that tommy is white, and tyrone is black, this makes him a Bigget.
by Hayden March 12, 2005
Something that is horseshit
that's bullpussy
by Hayden April 19, 2004
an unproclaimed shedevil
o look it's mrs vistica. RUNNNNNNN
by hayden June 09, 2004
often prononced long and with a slur
hey mrs. viiiiiisssttttiiiiiccccaaaaa
by hayden June 09, 2004
she is the daughter of hitler: the child that got away, to know if shes the real one look for the outline of a mustache
Ale Vistica!
by hayden June 09, 2004
Various Degrees of Accuracy. Obtained from mathematics text book by school boys wishing to initiate their own brand name. Originated from the Snowy Mountains in Australia.
-no example given-
by Hayden January 05, 2004
see 'Good Fuck'
yo mama is a good fuck
by Hayden November 17, 2003
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