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Very Black Individual
Guy 1: "This guy who works in the kitchen is crazy. Tried to sell rollers at work the other day."
Guy 2: "He's just a VBI like that."
by Dylan^5 July 20, 2011
Being Bisexual, but only virtual.
Damian: My Lesbian relations didnt work out here.
Kayleigh: My straight ones neither.
Damian: Maybe the Straight & the Lesbo girl can keep it up.
Kayleigh: *smiles* Damian, do you wanna partner me?

And now Kayleigh is a happy V-Bi
by Kayleigh L. December 27, 2008
very busy and important
I don't have time to flirt with you right now, vbi.
by itmustbedustiny May 20, 2008