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Beer consumed only by bogans and teenagers who can't afford anything better. Almost as good as Powers, Fosters and Eumundi Cloudy Lager.
"Hard night, eh?"
"Yeah, I drank half a carton of VB."
"Why didn't you just cut the middleman, sandpaper your tongue and bash your head against the wall? Cheaper and much less painful."
by Big Fella May 28, 2005
88 78
A phrase used to describe an awful situation or an unfortunate event that has taken place.
Jake: Dude, I just went to the doctor and he told me I have HPV i think Lindsey gave it to me...

Greg: Oh god, thats VB...VB
by Dana Alfred Cecere March 16, 2010
0 5
Vagina Boob

A way to describe the different parts of the female body in chat or in a conversation.
Jack: "Hey man, did you get any VB yesterday?"
Paul: "No man, she had a headache..."
by Kaallis January 16, 2010
9 14
'Visitor's Beer' - A beer that you give to visitors, so you can have the quality brew all to yourself.
G'day Bob, wanna VB?
by CyberSniper August 24, 2003
49 54
a visable boogie
I can see a vb in your nose
by Billy-Gay October 19, 2008
8 14
the phenemenon of a Visible Bulge in the pants of a man.
sometimes pleasant. Mostly disturbing when the man sporting VB is someone whos junk you do NOT want to envision.
" my math teacher had a mean case of VB today"
" omg my grandpa has VB!!!! ughh!" barf
by erinnnxoxo April 16, 2008
2 10
Visual Basic: A programming language created by micro$oft
omg mike you are so kewl you made a nu VB program you are so leet!
by Jagged Edge March 05, 2005
36 44
ubiquitous Australian beer that is popular to bad mouth
A: "Wanna beer?"
B: "VB tastes like shit, only bogans drink it"
A: "Then get your own fuckin beer, wanker"
B: "Ok, I'll have one, they really aren't that bad"
by Getadogupya August 22, 2006
26 37