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South Eastern American Vatos Locos deference from Cali's own VL hate Peoples Nation,Rivals are Bloods, Latin Kings, MOB.
Allies are Folk, Crips, MS-13 and Devils Army.bandanna's are black and white.
VATOS LOCOS got my black flag ready to make some blood drops happened.
by gringo38843 December 06, 2008
The Vatos Locos is a mostly Hispanic gang. We wear khaki pants, and usually a wifebeater, or a black shirt with the top button buttoned. We wear black or red bandanas. The gang oringinated in East L.A. We are also allied under People Nation. We are located in California, Texas, New York, and Florida. There's a reason why we called Vatos Locos, yall best not fuk wit us!
Vatos Locos 4 life!
954, Broward County
by V.L. June 27, 2007