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1. Overweight racoon of british descent
2. discriptive word for someone who has absolutely no talent at "day of defeat" the popular half-life mod
1. "oh theres a varanos in my garbage"
2. "aww you are soo varanos at dod, man"
by Dreadus November 05, 2003
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n. A Balding over-weight wheel-chair bound Raccoon of British heritage. Known to enjoy chocolate chip cookies.
The Ultimate Weapons of Varanos were triumphant in defeating the Ninja Monkey Assassin army.
by Markee Mark March 27, 2007
Awesome weapon user and can kill any cunt with a sniper unscoped or any other weapon.
Going to kick the shit out of Specialist
by Chuck the Racoon March 30, 2003
Likes to try and snipe unscoped and tk. Ends up witha score like 12-67.
Camps first flags when we are at our last..
by -{SiU.Gambit}- March 20, 2003
I love him, he's my b/f.
by -{SiU.Cable}- March 20, 2003

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