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1. A person with great sense of humor, great taste in everything, great in looks, is overall a really awesome person. Typically a person who is also associated with the term uyen.

2. A dependable zombie killer, in Call of Duty: Black Ops, you can always rely on.

3. Similar to the term HAM, a word to describe the act of studying intensely, pulling an all-nighter, or spending a lot of time at/with school usually resulting in little time for social life.
1. This girl is so amazing; she's so uyeniee!
- I need to go out more to meet a uyeniee!

2. We've only gotten to round 12; we need a uyeniee.
- I'm down! Uyeniee, come save me!

3. I can't go out this weekend; I have an exam this Monday, so I'm going uyeniee on my notes.

Person1: Where has Yunie and Charles been?
Person2: Oh, they're going uyeniee this weekend for a big test.
Person1: I guess we won't be seeing much of them anytime soon.
by KriDefiner March 31, 2011
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