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Rikku's nickname for Yuna from the games FFX (Final Fantasy X) and FFX-2.(Final Fantasy X-2).
Rikku: "Yunie..."

Rikku: Yunie!
Paine: Yuna!
by Yuna Loves Tidus January 28, 2006
24 13
1) Name:A very popular Korean name which means gorgeous, beautiful, hilarious, and etc etc. You would just fall in love with her the moment you see her. She also excels in grades, sports, and everything.
2) Adjective: This word is used to describe a perfect girl.
1) Adrian :Did you see the new girl named Yunie?

Drake: Yeah, she's gorgeous!
2) Wow..she's a very yunie.
by Alexandra Rose Sugg April 04, 2012
2 3