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(noun) tagalog word for fart.
Na aamoy mo ba ang utot ko?
Can you smell my fart?
by O-Dogg May 24, 2004
82 23
Filipino (tagalog) word for fart.....umutot is the word for farting.
Tang' ina.....sino umutot???
(Now who the motherfucker farted????)
by Kidlat Maingay! September 08, 2003
61 37
Fart; or can be used as a metaphor meaning a futile effort or unexpected failure of an anticipated event.
Tagalog: Parang utot ang paputok niya!

English: What a fart of a firecracker!
by pongkoy October 16, 2007
22 16
(Tagalog-Philippines-filipino)...means Fart in the english language
Bantut bantut bantut, sino umutot? rhymes eh? lol
by bastosgirlsgreetings March 31, 2008
10 22