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(noun) tagalog word for fart.
Na aamoy mo ba ang utot ko?
Can you smell my fart?
by O-Dogg May 24, 2004
Filipino (tagalog) word for fart.....umutot is the word for farting.
Tang' ina.....sino umutot???
(Now who the motherfucker farted????)
by Kidlat Maingay! September 08, 2003
Fart; or can be used as a metaphor meaning a futile effort or unexpected failure of an anticipated event.
Tagalog: Parang utot ang paputok niya!

English: What a fart of a firecracker!
by pongkoy October 16, 2007
(Tagalog-Philippines-filipino)...means Fart in the english language
Bantut bantut bantut, sino umutot? rhymes eh? lol
by bastosgirlsgreetings March 31, 2008