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A Puerto Rican or other Latin American who came to Utica, NY via New York City, Florida or California any number of years ago and has made a life for him or herself in this decaying cesspool of forgotten human beings as either a bus driver, landlord, police officer or any other job that pays a semi-livable wage. The pejoritative connotations of this word are due to the fact that there must be something obviously wrong with any Hispanic who would leave his or her native country and move to America's anus. The perjoritave connotations are augmented by the fact that these transplanted Hispanics don't seem to realize (yet, at least) that they made a poor decision by moving from, say, El Salvador or Mexico to Utica, NY.
If that Hispanic guy's from Puerto Rico what the Hell is he doing in Utica?
I don't know, I guess he's a Uticano.

I got chased by some Uticanos on my way to school.

Italian Vinny: Uticanos are taking all our jobs.

Redneck "Red" Smith: Uticanos are taking all our jobs.

Polish Margaret Muntz: Uticanos are taking all our jobs (even though we don't work).

Bosnian Igor Slosovich: We have to compete against Uticanos for jobs.

African-American Otis Freeman: When we go to prison all of the Uticano prison guards rough us up.
by Jamallerian September 29, 2007
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