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Basically a synonym for nepotism, this word derives from Utica, NY (a city of approx. 60,000 in Central NY) where high-paying jobs are widely asserted to be obtained through family and acquaintance connections rather than through education and proven experience. These illegally acquired jobs often come with various perks and kickbacks that are as questionable as the means used to obtain the job.
Who is the new superintendent of schools?
I don't know, some nobody with a Utica degree. I heard he got the job because he was the brother of the board president.

Where did the VP of the bank go to college?
Nowhere. He's got a Utica degree so he didn't need to go to college.

Why is that arson detective able to afford a Hummer and a $600,000 house in New Hartford?
I don't know, he probably has a Utica degree.

by Jamallerian September 29, 2007
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