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a totaly beginner skier, is uncapable of represent swag, skills, or coordination. distinguished by goggle gap, horrible equipment and lack of skiing abilities.
Dude, look at that utaracer, he is totally going to crash.
by swaggedskiier March 03, 2011
a skiier (or snowboarder) who looks like a gaper (joey, newb, etc). utaracers generally aren't very good at all, tend to have trouble stopping, and have limited coordination when it comes to skiing (or snowboarding). a common characteristic of a utaracer is sticking their poles out behind them in a "tuck" even though they have no idea what they're doing and they're just embarrassing themselves.
Hey, look at that guy skiing! $5 says he falls in the next 30 seconds.
Wow, what a utaracer
Yeah, he looks like an absolute tool
by utaracerlover February 16, 2011