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A nickname for "Smoke and Run" AKA "Hit and Run", considered by many an Usain-Bolt-like move.
Luke: Hey guys, did Timmy pull the old Usain Bolt on us again?
Samuel: He was so fast I didn't even notice.
by Scratch City Baby November 03, 2012
7 2
The fastest man in the history of the world. World record holder for 100m and 200m.

Can also be used to describe your complete dominance over someone.
Mike: Im pretty good at this video game.
Jamal: Nigga, I'l Usain Bolt you.
by Sprint fan August 20, 2008
317 72
Nicknamed Usain "The Lightning" Bolt is the fastest motherfucker from Jamaica who beat the world record of the 100 meters with 9.69 seconds jogging.
Usain Bolt has a unique name that is well fitted because he is as fast as lightning, if not faster...
by Slice/Actafoolzz August 18, 2008
274 112
The fastest man to ever walk the face of the earth.
-"Hey, did you feel that breeze?"
-"No that was just Usain Bolt doing his warm up lap."
by dev23 August 28, 2008
212 86
To leave quickly or suddenly
Man, I'm tired of this party, let's Usain Bolt outta here.
by Beeyouzeezee August 18, 2009
149 29
An olympic sprinter who won gold and set olympic and world records at the 2008 Olympic Games, most notably in the Men's 100m and 200m events.
A tank. A machine. Unstoppable.
Also, from Jamaica.
I tried to steal Usain Bolt's car but he chased me down on bare foot and caught me. Then he ripped my balls off!
by A.J. Eitel August 20, 2008
108 35
Usain Bolt is the greatest sprinter ever.

The tall Jamaican recently went to Beijing to take part in the Olympics. He won gold in the 100m sprint, as well as breaking the world record with a time of 9.68. In addition he also won the 200m, breaking the record there too, with a time of 19.30. With the help of his Jamaican team mates, including the famous Asafa Powel, he managed his 3rd gold medal and 3rd world record by winning the 4x400m relay.

Usain Bolt is well known for his show boating, and extreme confidence before each race. in the 100m sprint final he stopped running 20 metres from the end, waving his hands and beating his chest.

When asked how he prepares before a race, he said "I get up at 11, go and have a Mcdonalds, then go back to bed, and get up an hour before the race".

The Jamican has been tested for drugs over and over again. Always negative.
Usain Bolt should enter himself into every event at London 2012

by bigd1992 August 25, 2008
98 31
Worlds Fastest Man.!
Usain Bolt aka Usain LIGHTNING Bolt is phucking amazing !
by E B S z. August 30, 2008
72 17