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The most beautiful girl in the world! She is also the most caring and loving person and the best girlfriend ever!
Oh my god its urvi, she's so desirable!
by taimaishu123 January 16, 2011
She is the most beautiful girl in the universe inside and out!!! She has the kindest heart and a stunning smile. Her personality is amazing. She is the best friend and girlfriend. She always wants to make others laugh.
Urvi just made my day! :)
by SoccerLife123 June 10, 2016
Urvi is a word in Bengladesh used to describe prostitutes. Urvis tend to be cheap prostitutes who hang out on the streets. They use contraceptives such as the locally available BF1 contraceptives. Commonly owe allegiance to local network of pimps. Typically charge 100 rupiah per hour.
"Hey, Urvi ashota" (Hey, are you an Urvi?)
"JI shob, aami 100 rupiah auro BF1 khobe" (I charge 100 rupiah. I eat BF1)
by SomeGandu July 28, 2016
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