A person who is not blessed with good aesthetics and struggles to find self confidence. An "Urgle" can also be referred to as a "grimple" or "gronk". They are simply an ugly dumb founded person.
Friend 1-"look at that dumb idiot "

Friend 2-"yeah, he's such an urgle"
by Aesthetic king 101 August 03, 2011
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The feeling when you are pissed off, angry and upset but can't find the words to describe it.
Paul- Hey dude, i heard Ashley broke up with you!
Sam- i know i just feel so, so, URGLE!
by casionroyal25 July 20, 2010
verb. a toothless latch with no tongue contact, a sign of friendship or affection.
like that of a leech or a teething infant. Urgles usually involve two people. One person urgles his/her friend, the most common place to get urgled is on the arm or shoulder.
by carrrlll December 30, 2013
This word is used for extreme frustration in a unberable situation.
AHHHH urgles this is not fair.
by J-NET February 25, 2007

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