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The Urge to Shit is an indication of one's closeness to actually shitting. Usually the urge to shit is often answered by a quick trip to the toilet. However, on some occasions the urge to shit has lurked as a silent killer, waiting for the perfect moment to strike. It is often felt in the lower intestinal region and can be quite alarming as it causes tenseness of the muscles in that region.

If the urge to shit is not immediately purged, then it will eventually subside - however it will return (usually within 10 minutes) and bring back the same tense-ness desperation that can happen.

That is why it is always best to shit before a trip - to prevent the urge to shit from occurring. Furthermore it is always best to relieve it's call. And you will know the feeling of shit relief, when this urge has been fulfilled.
John felt a sudden tenseness in his stomach, he'd known there was shit inside of him; but he did not tend to it when he first found out. Nervous beads of sweat rained upon his face, the salty boiler goo pouring down. How could he maintain? It was an important meeting, he couldn't leave... The urge to shit was rising.

Ray: "urge to shit lowering... urge to shit lowering"

Dave: "Good, because it's still another hour till we get to Vegas."

Ray: " god"
by Jimblor April 03, 2009
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