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Urbating your mast.

Every Joe Everyones think they made it up.
Mast urbation talk:

Drunk guy 1 : Hey guys! You know when you masturbate, you're urbating your mast!

Other drunk guys : Puahahahahah!

Drunk guy 1 : Copyrighted by me, i made this up, no joke.

Drunk guy 2 : I made it up first, bastard!

Drunk guy 3 : No, I did, you morons I thought about it first!

Drunk guy 1 : Oh yeah, well I'm the first to tell it!

(Fight starts)
by Meeeeeeeee1234566 January 19, 2008
the act of urbating, or using an object or body part to perform an alternating motion between upward and downward thrusts as in the act of MASTURBATION, or the URBATION of the MAST.

Copyrighted by me, i made this up, no joke.
I'm URBATING my arm with skin cream.
Playign guitar solos involves maximum URBATION of the guitar neck.
by Anti-Peter League January 23, 2007

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