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A Meaning or suggestion given to a word, but only found in the Urban Dictionary.
Charles:"By Joves, for the the life of me, dear, I do not seem to be able to find "Fo'Shizzle" in my Mini-Oxford"

Susan:"That's because it's an Urbanity, Charlie are surely the whitest man I know"
by F!$h!e February 04, 2010
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the sort of contrived, crass 'new word' based on some strained word-play, that has sadly become the norm on the Urban Dictionary...
'OK, what's the latest feeble, tortured Urbanity to show up onscreen today? What happened to real gritty slang ? Why has this site become a teenage playground ?'
by mikroth August 14, 2009
(n.)(1)Of urban being;(2) Culture derived from urban society; way of life
(3) Urban lifestyle, attitude.
Coming from the big city and knowing how to live in it gives you a sense of URBANITY.
by LeTony Hadnot March 03, 2004
The faceless collective of urban dwellers. The diverse group of people who live in urbia and suburbia.
911 was a unifying day for all urbanity.

The small town girl lost her identity in the sea of urbanity.
by nafi October 20, 2007

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