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Making up a word for some known action or event just to get it to Urban Dictionary.
Creating the word "Adverblasting" is urbandictionaring. The word itself is never used but the meaning is familiar to all.
by BLACK METAL IST KRIEG ! November 28, 2010
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The act of looking up the definition of your name on urban dictionary and bragging to your friends like its the truth.
Gene: Hey zach my name definition says i have a huge dick
Gene: hey iris according to urban dictionary i have a huge dick
Gene: Hey you guess what i have huge dick!
Zach and Iris: Someones been urbandictionaring
by Gene07070707 April 07, 2011
To spend time going on and looking up phrases such as table whore. Its also fun to add words to the dictionary.
Steve: Im going to tap my girlfriends ass tonite!
john: she's terrible. why would you ever date a skelator? So you could screw her and hope she goes back to skull mountain after?
Steve: whats a skelator?
john: go urbandictionaring and find it.
by nauyknt September 28, 2005

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