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Scavenging through the scrap metal in old electronic products in search of precious metals (gold, silver, copper, iridium, palladium etc.).

Extracting valuable metals from electronic waste.
p1: I wonder where we will dump this old, shitty TV.
p2: Hmm, we should take it to junk yard, so they can urban mine it.
p1: Urban what?
p2: Urban mine it. To let it be dissembled and recycled
p1: Ok.

Urban mining is fast growing industry
by contris May 20, 2011
the theft of Materials for recycling. ie. copper power cables, Catalytic converters, ect..
sorry I'm late, my car is in the shop because some punks were urbanmining and got my catalytic converter.
by Scott Mills April 10, 2008
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