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A male or female that lives an urban/city lifestyle but enjoys "hick" activities such as nascar, trucks and country music.
Dave: Hey that's a nice DC hat, it goes well with your Dale Earnhardt Jr t-shirt.
Sam: Thanks, it's an Urban Hick thing.
by OneUrbanHick November 04, 2010
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A person from the city (urban) who lacks the skills and knowledge that come from living in a small town or rural area. An urban hick would not know how to make beef jerky out of the deer he shot last week or how to can vegetables - or grow a garden for that matter - making him or her appear to be a "hick" in the eyes of non-urban locals.
Jenny, this salsa tastes great.

Thanks. My mom canned a bunch this summer.
Doesn't it come in a jar?
You're such an urban hick.
by Etiquette Girl December 03, 2009
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