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Verb. The act of browsing or adding to urbandictionary.
I'm bored, nothing a little urbandictionarying won't cure.
by omgwtfbbqlol July 09, 2005
Often used as a term referring to the act/practice of constantly looking up words on Urban Dictionary. Particularly obscenities or slang heard or read from any place, movie, book, blog, etc, to use in regular conversations.
Girl #1: Hey, what're you doing?
Girl #2: I'm Urban Dictionarying
by xtinaa7xfan September 19, 2008
Verb. 1) The act of passing time reading & checking random words on urban dictionary in an attempt to prove that for example fuggish means something other than the expressed definition.

2) The art of spending disproportionate amounts of time perusing the urban dictionary and not being shy about being perceived as geeky
1) Let me do some urban dictionary-ing - there is no way that word means what you just said!

2) OMG! Look at the time, gonna be late for work, have been too engrossed in my urban dictionary-ing.
by Pasdachips Secretary August 26, 2008
what you do when you're looking up words at urban dictionary dot com
I was urban dictionarying last night when I found 'Tweet-Dropping'
by constantmusic April 24, 2009
(v.) to spend hours and hours on end just pressing the random button on in the hopes to find words that will completely confuse your friends tomorrow
I heard he was urban dictionarying all night last night, I literally have no idea what he is saying anymore.
by NEVINOWNSU February 23, 2009
The act of creating an Urban Dictionary definition, making the word a common male name, and putting things like "super sexy" and "has a 13 inch cock" in the description.
Did you know that Urban Dictionarying has been around as long as Urban Dictionary?
by Chewyshoes December 12, 2015
The act of searching for word definition on Urban Dictionary.
Bill: I'm bored, what should we do?

Bob: We should go "urbandictionarying"!!
by HBD2FOTL June 23, 2009
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