1) The past tense of increasing your retardation, making it greater, in retard style.
2) Making something retarded, making it suit your decore or general liking.
1) Freddy Schmoo uptarded himself by setting fire to his pants with his hands tied behind his back. All unintentionally, of course.
2) I uptarded my bedroom by covering the carpet with flour and wheat.
by Bastardized Bottomburp July 02, 2003
Top Definition
Improved, in retard-style.
I didn't like my essay for school, so I totally uptarded it by adding bits of chewed crayon.
by Brass January 30, 2003
To make more retarded/slower than before...
I uptarded my honda by adding a wing and body kit
by deftonz1 August 11, 2003
adv., An improvement upon ones former status as retarded. This is simply a change, not a state of being.
Yo, ever since Leroy got hooked on phonics he started gettin' uptarded and shit...too bad he's still a dumb biznitch
by Lonewolf March 17, 2003
uptarded: stupid or moronic
Example: The Facebook staff are uptarded.
by Ashley&Andrew October 02, 2007
It's like an upgrade to being more retarded.
I upgraded my computer from Windows XP to Windows ME.
by Dick Clevage June 18, 2003
uptarded is an increased level of retardedness.
the room got uptarded when you walked in.
by Jesse June 08, 2003
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