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verb- the act of making something worse in an inept attempt to make it better, usually by adding unnecessary, useless, and/or ridiculous elements
Jim's $500 Honda station wagon was uptarded when he added the whale-tail spoiler.
by ChinkJew May 13, 2005
noun/adjective- the worst, most painful, most hopeless, never-ending situation one could ever find themselves in, usually pertaining to a relationship with a female.
"I haven't seen Mark in 3 weeks!"
"Yeah, he met this girl and fell into a bottomless pit of flaming snakes."
by ChinkJew May 13, 2005
verb- (see-dongk)
The act of bedding the not-so elusive Sea Donkey

noun- The noisy emissions made by the creature during the act
"Man! Jackson did some serious sedonking last night!"

"I know! I heard the sedonk from across the hall!"
by ChinkJew May 13, 2005
noun- any song that became popular for being played in the background during extended make-out sessions that may or may not have culminated in actual humping

syn.- fucktune
Dido's "Thank You" is a good humpsong, but the first Enigma CD still reigns supreme
by ChinkJew May 13, 2005
noun- term for the 15th of the month, when paychecks are spent on frivolities; orignially from the habit of spending that particular paycheck on drugs ("yayo")
"Today's yayday, so I can get outta the house and into the bar!"
by ChinkJew May 13, 2005

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