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Improved, in retard-style.
I didn't like my essay for school, so I totally uptarded it by adding bits of chewed crayon.
by Brass January 30, 2003
(n.) Unit of measurement, defining the maximum amount of cuteness possible in a single entity.
My girlfriend is so cute, she's at least .9 of a kittenloaf.
by Brass March 29, 2004
To be speedy or efficient by abandoning all pretense of mental competence.
I never got around to cleaning my room, until I became a total zoomtard and hid all my dirty clothes and garbage under my mattress.
by Brass January 30, 2003
A further degree of being owned.
Ares is bitchowned by TribalWar.
by Brass October 20, 2003
The apathetic feeling one gets while that nothing new of interest is to be found online.
(Etymology: Arpanet + Apathy)
I was slipping into total Arpathy until I noticed my friend updated his blog.
by Brass January 30, 2003
A programmatic bitch used to enforce signature rules on TribalWar.
Sigbot was born in hell. If you mess up, she owns you.
by Brass October 16, 2003
A guy who is Anti-Everything, contradictory, hypocritical, and a retard who can't spell.
You: Jesus Christ Rei, you're an idiot.
by Brass February 05, 2004

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