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A term used to intice a person into asking you how your day is.
hommy #1: It smells like "updawg" in here.
hommy #2: What is "updawg".
hommy #1: Not much, what is up wid you dog.
by billy bigbag October 29, 2003
A clever tool you can use to make anyone, (preferably in politics) to look like a noob. Here is a proper setup:
Person 1 : Damn Broseph!!! Your car smells like Up Dawg!

Person 2 : What's Up Dawg??

Person 1 : (Stupid Laughing)

Person 2 : Seriously, What in the Fuck is Up Dawg??

Person 1 : Not much Holmes, Relax, You should pop some E
by Bubba Licious May 17, 2007
Updawg is a prank, used to make the victim ask "What's up dawg?"
Prankster: Have you seen my updawg?
Victim: What's up dawg?
Prankster: Oh, nothing much, what's up with you?
*Lame laughter ensues.
by Elizabeth Grey July 08, 2016
Updawg, usually said by wankers, or douchebags, meaning who ever is called it, is known as a legend,
He is an updawg
by cooper100101010101 March 16, 2015
Another word for marijuana. It is used so that adults or police won't know what it means.
Hey Juan do you smell that updawg?
nah man, it's straight.
by Gorgeous Me February 21, 2005
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